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[14 Nov 2003|05:50pm]
18 __ FUCK IT

[07 Nov 2003|05:18pm]
shit man. im in california. wisconsin/illinois had cool kids. i thought this greyhound thing would snap me out of my sadness, but it hasnt. you don't help.
27 __ FUCK IT

[27 Oct 2003|12:35pm]
im in the boston public library. my sister is currently getting kicked out of where she lives and has no where to go. boston is cold and rainy right now. im going to chicago tomorrow. i bought a record and rode subway. boston accents are intense.
11 __ FUCK IT

[22 Oct 2003|01:28am]
kinsey gave me a haircut. i fought $3.19 out of mike and bought myself dairy queen. went to some shows, still in love with lightning bolt.

my panic attacks have come back. for some reason the thought of sleeping gives me anxiety, but luckily i've developed insomnia to cure that. i fear my greyhound trips will make it all worse though .. this was such a bad idea. . . . write me a letter while im gone.Collapse )

<select ... >
<option ... >new cell phone number!
<option ... >281 216 7360
<option ... >
<option ... >call me
<option ... >or txt message
<option ... >i'll be on a bus for two days</select>
11 __ FUCK IT

[05 Oct 2003|03:30pm]
this is all i hear when people talk:
"OMG WTF....,// you are SOOOOOOO cute, WHUT. clothes/shoes/hair/hair again. z'ssss!!!! hehehe. like WHOA. RoCk! "psssh" nudes? <3 - OH MY GOD, i need a guy. they are so hawt! let's hang out!(hangoutdoesn'thappen) UR awesome! DUDE, whatever! EWW. they are so stupid(proceed to become their friend) OMG OMG!! sluttttttttt! i hate you(notreally!) SHUT UP(idon'tmean that either!imbeingfunny) UR UBBER hot - I LUV U! (hardcore lyrics)"

houston to boston: $89
boston to chicago: $59 
chicago to long beach: $79
long beach to florida: free
florida to houston: $79
total = $306 starting oct 22nd
29 __ FUCK IT

[23 Sep 2003|11:33pm]
waking up was the worst idea i've ever had ..

awhile back me and ginni went to brian's birthday party. i saw marcus and we both like "what the fuck!?". then ginni and i jumped in the moonwalk so the ugly couple would stop making out in it. then we tried to go to another party, but we ended up at katz's and then..i dont know, neither of us know anything past that point.

i also moved and i've been counting dimes for food and i lost my bag and my cell phone service is gone and i need a job. please buy me dinner at red lobster.


sometimes i laugh outloud when i go to do my laundry. my dad sends me emails that say things like "SHOP TILL WE DROP!" and he blares def leppard and the like when we get gas. it's cool.
33 __ FUCK IT

[12 Sep 2003|02:36am]
if you write shit like this: "i live for having better fashion than fashion kids and being cuter than the olsen twins." then i don't know why you exist.

i got to see alexxxx and her new boyfriend at an albatross. afterwards a bunch of us ate and some corpus kid put salsa all in his mouth and we all laughed alot and he couldnt breath.

thank god i dont have to read about bane anymore, but im still fucking sick of reading people in states far away from each other talk about how much they are in love or how they can't wait for the other one to visit them. or even if they dont live far away im sick of it. especially if there are <3's at the end of the entries.

here's some photos i finally developedCollapse )
30 __ FUCK IT

[30 Aug 2003|01:37am]
(uhhh ok, negative on my voice guys. yikes...)
i just found a pad of post-its, a paper clip, and an opened pack of crackers in my coat pocket. then i smashed a bug on the computer. it's still there. either way, i'm still stupid. and you're still not artsy.
14 __ FUCK IT

[23 Aug 2003|06:12pm]
dear livejournal faggots,

i drank wine and smoked weed with talia's aunt. me & alisson put on a metal show [ken mode]. ally&kinsey took us to see and hang out with lickgoldensky. i rollerskated during a show yelling "mosh pit!" while pushing kids around until actual mosh pits started. did it when bands weren't actually playing too... my sister&nephew moved to boston. my grandfather died. i shouldn't act like such a douche with guys. and if all goes well im off to florida soon, then back to california with talia.

so that's what, plus 78 scene points?
"im not a clown, and we got a circus going on here"
17 __ FUCK IT

[01 Aug 2003|12:19pm]
ps. went to austin w/talia+leuwam.
(went to a show. saw some kids. did some stuff.)

     ;s[ bad haircuts/hair dye jobs
     ;s[ running into puffer
     ;s[ johnny whitney & his bike
     ;s[ getting a tattoo
     ;s[ talia getting cancer from johnny
     ;s[ mxgxr songs about me
     ;s[ fags that don't say hi
     ;s[ i shoot lightning/majority rule shows

i wish a certain someone actually cared about me.
it's fucked up, you know what i mean?
46 __ FUCK IT

[18 Jul 2003|11:24pm]
people fall in love with people in other states,
   then move there.
like seriously - everyone does this.

1. should i move to california or salt lake city?
2. i'm getting a tattoo soon, watch out.

ps. don't mess with texas.
ps again. i'm going to austin the 30th (no, for real this time)
              hang with me/talia.

psssssshCollapse )
30 __ FUCK IT

[11 Jul 2003|02:44am]
i already hate houston
im moving to california
the end.

ps. people are shitty
if you arent shitty - be my friend

also, find me a place to live
29 __ FUCK IT

[05 Jul 2003|05:14pm]
went to the locust show.
at midnight we ran out the doors cos it was my birthday

1 july 4 was basket robbins birthday sundaes+bbqs
2 claire is a gay little slut.
3 me+andrew locked bathroom door & snuck out window
4 i made fun of bucky and called everyone a slut
5 i also apparently kept telling emma lee i slapped her ass

just chillin like whatevs, cracker+niggaface
15 __ FUCK IT

[29 Jun 2003|04:41pm]
the gays can now legally do it up the ass
i looked at a place to live
and two gays were cooking in it
probably cooking gay food

i really wanted to go to the valley.
but instead i went to melt banana

my dad offered my body as a thank you
to the mexicans who used electrical wire
to jump start our dead car ...
then he asked if i wanted to be a badass.

i said hell yeah
23 __ FUCK IT

[25 Jun 2003|12:34am]
if i mention you below, congrats.
i combined some, get over it.

01. you are balding, and quit your job
09. text messages, you want me
03. you moved to the valley, im gonna visit you
04. you want to have sex with me
05. when i move to austin, we are gonna be gal pals
06. im sending you underwear in the mail
more of these ...Collapse )
38 __ FUCK IT

[21 Jun 2003|06:20pm]
i looked at more places to live
i got a cell phone
i went to hulk smash show & stayed andrew's.
he has roaches.
it was a long day.

happy bday XXA1EXXX.
25 __ FUCK IT

[19 Jun 2003|03:24pm]
me and ashley went swimming/skinny dipping with gay john late at night.

im going to austin, but after that i want to road trip.
who wants to go on a road trip with me?
and who wants me to visit them on the roadtrip.
20 __ FUCK IT

[16 Jun 2003|01:27pm]
Dear Hailey,

I like bugging you. You are so sassy.


PS- I know you like me.
22 __ FUCK IT

[05 Jun 2003|12:20am]
i just watched an entire basketball game
and i went to the dentist to fix my teeth (shutup)
the dvd player messed up the jackass movie
i owe mixtapes, i shaved my legs in the car
and i want a tattoo real bad
24 __ FUCK IT

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